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  • Andrea White

    Andrea White is an American novelist and civic leader. She is the wife of Bill White, the former Mayor of Houston, Texas and the unsuccessful candidate for governor of Texas in 2010. cont.
  • Visitation for Andrea White to take place Monday

    A visitation will take place on Monday afternoon for Andrea White, the Toronto mother of four who was fatally wounded in her garage just over a week ago. Andrea White. Toronto police say that Andrea White died when shots were fired at her home on the ... cont.
  • Andrea White's murder a 'tragic, random act of violence'

    TORONTO – Andrea White, 33, was killed Saturday while outside of her Scarborough home. Today, police suggested she was an innocent victim of a random shooting. She was in her garage at the time when police say a white SUV drove by, made a u-turn ... cont.
  • Toronto's innocent victims list can't be ignored

    Now add to that list Andrea White, 33, a mother of four loved by her community. Kids, dads, moms. Has this caught your attention? Or do you find yourself just glossing by these names — all of whom have families hurt by their loss. All these people ... cont.
  • Spectators weep as duo charged in Andrea White murder appear in court

    Alwayne Bigby and Michael Davani, 21, accused of first-degree murder in the shooting of 33-year-old Andrea White, were stone-faced as they listened to lawyers set their next court dates in an Eglinton Ave. E. courtroom. White's grandfather, Don White ... cont.
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