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  • <b>Hayley Rogers</b> (MsHayleyCeleste) on Twitter
  • Hayley Rogers (MsHayleyCeleste) on Twitter
  • <b>Hayley Rogers</b> - United Kingdom | LinkedIn
  • <b>Hayley Rogers</b> - United Kingdom | LinkedIn
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  • Haley Rogers (_haleyrogers) on Twitter
  • hayleyrogers on Instagram
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  • Haley Rogers☀ (haleyrogers_95) on Twitter
  • Hayley Rogers (hayleyrogers_) on Twitter
  • Hayley Rogers (MsHayleyRogers) on Twitter
  • Haley Rogers (HaleyMichelle12) on Twitter
  • Hayley Rogers (lhommegallop) on Twitter
  • Haley Rogers (HaleyRogers) on Twitter
  • Haley Rogers (HiiiiiHaley) on Twitter
  • Hayley Rogers  (hayleyrogers100) on Twitter
  • haley rogers (hayy79) on Twitter
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  • haley rogers (haleyyrogers) on Twitter
  • Hayley Rogers (intllady) on Twitter
  • Haley Rogers (HaleyRogers16) on Twitter
  • Jordan Haley Rogers  (JordanHaleyR) on Twitter
  • Haley Rogers (HER_XOXO) on Twitter
  • Hayley Rogers (HayleyyRogers) on Twitter
  • Haley Rogers (haltime4eva) on Twitter
  • Haley Rogers (haleyy_rogers) on Twitter
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  • Hayley Rogers

  • Hayley Rogers

    18, Senior at Floyd Central
  • Hayley Rogers

    Libertarian Conservative. Bit of a weirdo. Interests include the EU, the individual's right to choose, and causing general mischief. All views are my own.
  • Hayley Rogers

    I am an embarrassment in all ways. That's all you need to know.
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  • Hayley Rogers

    Student at Brock University
  • Citrus Heights police announce arrests in 2013 double homicide, other gang ...

    Arrested in the double homicide on Birdcage were David Javier Jaimes, 21; Alex Martinez Camacho, 19; and Hayley Rogers, 21. Citrus Heights detectives also arrested Nicolas Mancia, 20, and Jaimes as suspects in a separate gang-related shooting that ... cont.
  • Red Wolves get 'multi-talented' Tiger star

    HAGERSTOWN, IND. — If Hayley Rogers' long list of high school accomplishments wasn't enough, the Hagerstown standout found another way to impress the athletic department at Indiana University East. She won the annual Run with the Wolves 5K race. cont.
  • Sig Cup roster nearly set

    The women's division will include Gabbi Schuerman, Ashley Miller and Hayley Rogers with the possibility that he may add a fourth player. “There's one more college player from Decatur that I want to learn more about, so that's still a possibility,” he said. cont.
  • Tigers look to continue streak

    Longtime head coach Karen Matanich will again lead the Tigers with veteran team leadership and talented young newcomers. There will be seniors Hayley Rogers, Sydney Denhart, Lindy Smith and Cheyenne Walker. “I am blessed this year with a group of ... cont.
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