5 Tips to Promote Your Travel Services to the Media

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January 18, 2016

5 Tips to Promote Your Travel Services to the Media

The media has come to provide the world with unlimited online opportunities to generate more sales for travel agencies. If you’re conversant with search engine optimization, then you can attest to the fact that it’s not a walk in the park. Getting a grip on the whole process can be a time-consuming task since it can never be done at one go.

Hence, when you choose to conform your marketing strategies towards the SEO scope, it’s essential to understand that this is a recurring process. If by any means, you are to realize its full potential, you need to keep up with its dynamics.

These constant changes, which are dictated by the leading search engine Google, are diverse. For a travel agency, you have to keep in mind what works for you to concentrate your energy and resources on a campaign which will be eventful.

You don’t want to reel around a marketing campaign and utilize resources for a cause that will not generate more opportunities. To avoid wastage of time and resources, it’s vital to align your SEO marketing strategies to your cause.

First, understand why you are incorporating the SEO component in your marketing plan. One mistake that many will make is exaggerating their expectations towards optimizing on online sales. Without patience, constant investment, and proper travel insurance SEO marketing tips, maximizing on opportunities generated online can be challenging.

Tips to Promote Your Travel Services to the Media

For any travel agency with a growth strategy, it’s critical to use SEO in the marketing plan. Here are five tips that you can use to promote your travel services to the media.

Use social media to promote your agency and offer online bookings

The social media platform is the most powerful tool for business advertising. In today’s day and age, when one is looking for information regarding a particular service, the first place they search is in social media.

On average, one will spend more than two hours a day using social media. This translates to a high probability of generating opportunities to increase sales for your travel agency. In simple terms, this is where you will find most of your clients.

But you have to take a step further and engage these individuals through question and answer sessions to create awareness on the services you are offering. Also, you can enable online booking through social media such that if one loves the packages you are offering, they can go ahead and make a booking in an instant.

Build a portfolio

For a good travel agency insurance SEO marketing strategy to work, you need a decent portfolio. Show prospective clients what travel and tour services you have offered before. How do you do this? If you are a travel agent, make a point of requesting photos and videos taken during tours by clients whom you have offered travel services before.

Post these photos on your social media page, and for videos, you can create a YouTube channel. If you are going to create visual advertisements, don’t make them too long, 30 seconds to a minute is enough. It would help if you realized that it’s all about the highlights of the best services you can offer.

Package the services you are offering

When individuals are searching for travel agencies, the first thing they look at is the packages that are being offered. This allows clients to plan according to their budget but also provides the necessary information enabling them to choose the package that fits them best.

If you don’t package your services, it becomes hard to understand what it is your agency is offering, thus creating much confusion.

Don’t oversell travel services

The number one mistake that most travel agencies will make is overselling. Don’t bite more than you can chew when it comes to the travel services you are offering. Being genuine in this industry can be the difference between making and breaking.

Knowing that most of your potential clients might be through referrals, you need to paint a positive picture by not disappointing. Sell what you know you can offer and be candid.

Offer giveaways

To enable you to increase opportunities of landing more travel insurance quotes, incentives will always play the trick. When engaging prospective clients, it’s imperative to offer giveaways as a means of attracting them to buy your services. This is not the last nail in the coffin towards increasing sales, but it helps you connect with clients.

Extra Tip

Reviews and testimonials

In travel insurance SEO marketing, providing clients with information such as reviews and testimonials from former clients is vital. These reviews should emanate positivity and create an accurate picture of the best travel services you can offer. It’s imperative to note that before a client decides to acquire any services, they will always look for these reviews and testimonials. Thus, make this information available and accessible because many individuals will want to know the experience of the previous client.

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