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  • Red Lion Area Senior High School honor roll

    ... Chloe Fleming, Samuel Foess, Brogan Frank, Ashlee Galloway, Alec Gayrama, Jac Gemmill, Brandy Gentzler, Stephanie Gerver, Brooke Gladfelter, Joseph Graham, Allison Green, Elijah Gregory, Taylor Griffith, Dalton Grove, Matthew Hale, Christian Harry, ... cont.
  • China Spring students head to state science fair

    China Spring Intermediate School students advancing to the state scienc fair are (front row, from left) Dalton Musel, Ben Holt, Preston Springer, (back row) Dylan King, Matthew Hale, Kara Lawdermilk, Lauren Dunham and Kendall Richards. Posted: Friday ... cont.
  • Roanoke high school salutes colonel home for promotion

    Havens presented several students with old sets of wings. One of those students was 16-year-old Matthew Hale, who also narrated Monday's event. He said it was a day he will never forget. “I was jumping for joy,” he said. “It felt awesome shaking a ... cont.
  • NJ Bridgegate Panel Down But Not Out After Subpoena Ruling

    The ruling raises serious questions about what the committee will ultimately be able to accomplish, according to Matthew Hale, a political science professor at Seton Hall University. “I don't see what the committee is supposed to do if they can't get ... cont.
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