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  • Ariana Nicole SD Roy

    Confidently weird with big eyes. Probably madder than the hatter. I have a million facial expressions. What's going with the flow?
  • Nicole Roy

  • Nicole Roy

    Does this Twitter make me look fat?
  • Nicole Roy

    Hockey is not just a game, it's a lifestyle. #5
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  • Nicole Roy

    Legal/Executive Assistant at McCague Borlack LLP
  • Nicole Roy

  • Nicole Roy

    Reception Admin. at Macdonald Realty Westmar
  • Nicole Roy Nicole

    conseillère marketing chez Desjardins
  • 'Natural' North Shore had BC's lowest vaccination rate

    There is a small portion of the community, between two and five per cent, who refuse to vaccinate because they object on philosophical grounds, said Nicole Roy, the immunization and communicable disease co-ordinator on the North Shore. The measles ... cont.
  • Salisbury High School seniors are National Merit Scholarship finalists

    Erin Nicole Roy is the daughter of Angela and Samuel Roy. Roy volunteers in the postpartum unit at Novant Health Rowan Medical Center. After caring for several babies born with methadone addiction at the hospital, she organized an awareness day in ... cont.
  • Elections municipales Saint-Nizier-sur-Arroux : Marguerite Roy élue maire

    Charleuf Florian, Coulon Jean-Yves, Renaud Fabrice, Sabat Jean-Marc, Menager Jérôme, Boudot Guy, Raux Nicole, Roy Marguerite, Berret Gilles, Daval-Gasser Pierre, Menager Michel. A noter que Nicole Raux a adressé une lettre de démission et n'a pas ... cont.
  • Martaud sans accroc

    Nicole Roy (Bassac) hérite de la lecture publique et des crèches, Jérôme Sourisseau du tourisme. Une quatrième vice-présidence, consacrée aux travaux et au logement, a été créée et confiée à Bertrand Laurent, maire des Métairies. Annick-Franck Martaud ... cont.
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